Monday, December 16, 2013

Elves and Sharks

I have barely looked up to see what is going on in the blogosphere these past few weeks. I feel like Rip Van Winkle! I wish I could say that I have a coherent, detailed post for you, but I am trying to accept that most things are feeling a bit all over the place this year, this space included. I'm giving in to this instead of fighting it.  In that spirit, I've decided to share two things with you.

First, I shared my Desk Elf No Homework Pass last year. In case you didn't see him, here he is for 2013:
He's cute, right? Click on the image above to visit my TPT shop and download this freebie. Give it out to kids and colleagues alike. Clean desks for everyone!

On a totally different note, are your kids into sharks? I'm obsessed, as are my students. This fall, I kept Non-Fiction alive during our Character Unit via "Non-Fiction Fridays".  The bulk of our work was an inquiry around sharks, based upon the work of the most amazing organization, OCEARCH. My kids were in HEAVEN, and the fact that we ended with a Skype session with the organization's director was truly icing on the cake.

When I have five minutes to breathe over break, I will delineate exactly what we did, but, in the interim, please visit their site and check out the Shark Tracker and the videos that document their Cape Cod Expedition this past summer. Seriously, if this video doesn't make you want to learn more, you don't have a pulse:

I will explain everything we did after the holiday festivities. In the meantime, cruise around the site, and shoot me an email if you want info before the break. OCEARCH has a very clear mission--protecting the Great White, the most misunderstood and maligned apex predator of all. You are in for a treat if you're willing to get a little messy and roll your sleeves up to learn from/with these incredible scientists, researchers and activists.

Enjoy this hectic week!

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  1. Sharks are on my no-no list right now. I fractured a rib playing Sharks & Minnows with the kids on the playground. My students have teased me non-stop for two weeks and mention sharks often. I'm hoping when the soreness goes away, sharks can make it back on my okay list. I'm fine with them long as I'm not in the water being chased by one. LOL! Glad to see you pop up on here...if even for just a minute!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. Oh no! I hope you have time to rest and recover over break.

      The Wild Rumpus