Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Determining Importance

I've been swamped. As in the buried alive, not sure when I will see daylight kind of busy. Well, since this blog's getting a wee bit dusty while I've been toiling away, I thought it was about time to pop in and say hello. Sadly, this will not be more than a drive-by post. Will a Wednesday freebie make up for it?
We're about to start our official Non-fiction unit, and it's one of my favorites. This fantastic anchor chart is all over Pinterest in a variety of forms, which I found very handy last year as my kids worked on summarizing and finding main ideas:
I have to admit that my own attempts at recreating it last year with markers and chart paper were just plain fugly, but it's such a great analogy that I wanted to use it with my kids again this year as we launch the unit. Well, enter my friend J.C. Phillipps, author/illustrator, and most excellent clip art designer on the side--she whipped up a lovely set to help me make a pretty chart:
Click on the pic above to download an anchor chart of your very own. Mine is on its way to Staples this weekend to be made into a chart paper-sized poster for my classroom.  You can get to Julie's TPT shop and see her wonderful clip art by clicking here, or head to Amazon to check out her most recent picture book, Monkey Onohere.  Thanks, Julie!

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  1. Oh my goodness!! This is AWESOME!! The graphics are wonderful, and the analogy is something I also use with my students. :) Thank you so much for this freebie!

    Young Teacher Love Blog

    1. Thanks, Kristine! Julie's graphics are all hand drawn and I use them all the time. I love this analogy so much--makes it so clear for the kids.

  2. Thank you for making this available! It's so much more attractive than anything I could do!