Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy Holidays Classroom Banner Freebie

I need a major tutorial on how to create pages with little images of each page in a product, all nicely displayed.  I realized this when I created this Happy Holidays banner/sign. Since I didn't have time to string it up properly today, I hung it in my classroom window so you could see what the file contains:
Nothing special, just simple and clean, with lots of space for you to fancy it up with glitter and such. I'm personally going to go over the text with my Martha Stewart Glitter Glue when I'm done with correcting work tonight.  I love glitter in a crazy way, and the holidays allow me to OD without seeming like a total nut job.  Love it.  Click on the pic above to head to my TPT shop and download your very own. Print it on card stock, glitter it up and hang it wherever you like, as long as it makes you smile :)

PS--the graphics on this file come from the lovely Julie Phillipps from Ninjawoman Clip Art Studio.  She has some very nice new clip art that I've already got plans for :
Check out her etsy shop by clicking on either of the images above.


  1. I need that tutorial, too! If you figure it out, be sure to share :)

    Fifth in the Middle

    1. There just has to be one somewhere--right?!

  2. this clipart is really cool!! Thanks for the lovely freebie!

    1. It's all hand drawn. I love that it's different than much of what's out there!