Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Symbol Sudoku & Cyber Monday

I've just added some Symbol Sudoku Puzzles to my TPT shop.  If you're looking to supplement your Christmas math centers, these are a fun addition:

If you are interested in Chanukah-themed Sudoku, or would prefer simple winter-themed puzzles with no reference to Christmas, shoot me an email.  I'm working with the clip art I have, but would be more than happy to explore creating puzzles for you if you prefer a holiday-neutral set.

These are fun and different, because instead of numbers, students use symbols to fill in the Sudoku board.  I've included picture tiles, so that students can move the pics around before committing to a solution.  I've found it to be a nice challenge for most kids who aren't familiar with Sudoku.  Once they understand the game, kids love having puzzles of increasing complexity for early-finisher options, and there are tons of sites with free puzzles out there.  These particular puzzles are of the beginner variety, but it can get super tricky. As I speak, my husband is obsessively trying to beat his time on some sort of advanced Sudoku app on his iPhone. These people are addicts.

Like many, I'm participating in the big old sale at TPT on Monday and Tuesday, and I'm adding and additional 15% to TPTs promo discount. Click on the button below to get to my shop:
There is a great linky party happening over at The 3AM Teacher, so click the button below to get to her site and link up:

Personally, I have a full cart of awesomeness ready to be purchased come Monday morning.  It's a great time to buy those materials or units you've been saving up for, amongst other groovy items you are loving or curious about. Some of the items I am most excited about for my own students are my Informational Text "I Can" Statement Posters:
Like all of you, I'm working really hard to internalize the standards, and I want my students to understand them as well.  These have helped me articulate them in kid-friendly terms, and are a nice anchor for our non-fiction unit of study.  Plus they're pretty, and this is important to me--not going to lie! Who doesn't like having the choice of a bazillion colors? 

Click any of the pics and they will lead you to my shop. I hope that you are all enjoying your well-deserved mini-break.  

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